Admin Layout

A blade component for admin layout!

The basic responsive layout for admin with sidebar navigation component and it has three slots and two attributes with default value.

We will see it one by one!

# Sitetitle

Site title or page title goes here!

<x-btui-admin-layout sitetile="BladeTail UI"> </x-btui-admin-layout> 

# Sidenav

Side navigation area!
Suggest: use the SideNav component for navigation. That is perfectly fits with this component!

<x-btui-admin-layout>   <x-slot name="sidenav">     sidenav content goes here!   </x-slot>       Main content goes here!  </x-btui-admin-layout> 

# Headerright

Header right section. This slot for the profile section, simple navigation, and notification and etc.

<x-btui-admin-layout>   <x-slot name="headerright">    <x-btui-nav> </x-btui-nav>   </x-slot>       Main content goes here!  </x-btui-admin-layout> 

# Headerbottom

Extended header area! No color or style applied!

<x-btui-admin-layout>   <x-slot name="headerbottom">     Extended content goes here!  </x-slot>       Main content goes here!  </x-btui-admin-layout> 

# Color

10 Primary colors and 8 light shade colors available for this component!



See available options! (* means required)

name type default options
Sitetitle* String - -
Color String gray gray, light-gray, green, light-green, red, light-red, pink, light-pink, yellow, light-yellow, indigo, light-indigo, blue, light-blue, purple, light-purple
Sidenav* Slot - -
Headerright Slot - -
Headerbottom Slot - -