A simple blade component for alert

This component has five types of reactions like success, warning, danger and etc. This component has a medium size and attractive look to get the viewer's attention. so you don't need to write any specific style of code for this.

This component has used font-awesome 4 icons for reactions. If you want to change the icons, edit the FormTypes option in the btui.php config file.

# Text

Alert message text goes here!

<x-btui-alert text="your message!"> </x-btui-alert> 

# Type

Alert reaction here! success, warning, danger, default, info!

<x-btui-alert type="success"> </x-btui-alert> 

# Closable

This attribute set alert is closable or not! (True or False)

<x-btui-alert closable="true"> </x-btui-alert> 

Change the options to see what happens!

<x-btui-alert type="default" text="Hello World!" closable="false" /> 


Hello World!

See available options! (* means required)

name type default options
text* string - -
type string default default, success, warning, danger, info
closable boolean false true or false