A blade component for Button!

The button with basic style and multiple colors and four different sizes! This component has 2 specific attributes for the configuration and those have a default value! You can also use default HTML attributes for the button in this component!

# color

This component has 10 primary colors and 8 light shade colors! These are TailwindCss colors.

<x-btui-button color="gray"> </x-btui-button> 

# size

This component has four different sizes such as sm, md, lg, xl.

<x-btui-button size="md"> </x-btui-button> 

Change The Options!

<x-btui-button color="gray" size="md">  Button </x-btui-button> 


Event Handlers

You can use events on components directly like this...

<x-btui-button onclick="showHide()">  Button </x-btui-button> <x-btui-button wire:click="save">  Button </x-btui-button> 

See available options! (* means required)

name type default options
Color String gray gray, light-gray, green, light-green, red, light-red, pink, light-pink, yellow, light-yellow, indigo, light-indigo, blue, light-blue, purple, light-purple, white, black
Size String md sm, md, lg, xl