A blade component for Confirmation alert!

This is the simple confirmation alert component and it has two slots and one attibute with a default value.

We will see it one by one!

# Trigger

The trigger slot default value is empty. So, it is required. otherwise, an error will be thrown. In this trigger slot, you can use all types of elements.

<x-btui-confirm>   <x-slot name="trigger">    <a> Click!</a>   </x-slot> </x-btui-confirm> 

# Text

Confirmation Text!

<x-btui-confirm text="Are you Sure?"> </x-btui-confirm> 

# Okbutton

This is the action slot. Your action link must be here!

When the OkButton was clicked the confirm box will be hidden. So, double-check your action was successfully executed.

<x-btui-confirm>   <x-slot name="trigger">    <a> Click!</a>   </x-slot>        <x-slot name="okbutton">    <a> Do it!</a>   </x-slot> </x-btui-confirm> 


Are you sure?

See available options! (* means required)

name type default options
Trigger* Slot - -
Text* String Are your sure? -
Okbutton* Slot - -